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Yoga (Physiology)

Kannada (Physiology)

Indian Constitution

Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory Utilization & Interpretation

Research & Analysis made easy

Basic Life Support Training Program

Respiratory therapy Training Programme

Fiberoptic intubation Hands on training program

Legal aspects of safe Obstetrics and Gynecology practice in current scenario

Initial Management of Fractures in Primary Care Centers & Emergency Room

Point of Care Cranial Ultrasound (POCUS) in Neonates

Basic Surgical Skills

Skills are acquired and polished over time. In this regard University runs a fully euipped Basic Skills laboratory. A structured course to guide and train students of the University, this course has been designed.

Basic Laparoscopic Training for Postgraduates

Short Course in EEG for Medical Undergraduates

Basics of immunization Skills

Health education skills through community diagnosis

Short course in Counselling and Psychotherapy

basic learning course in Geriatric Medicine & Gerontology

Short course on Alcohol & Drug De-addiction and Management

Cadaver based bone marrow study Training & hands on

Digital Methods for learning Surgery

Disability Assessment in Orthopaedics patients

Basics of ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynaecology