A warm and affectionate welcome to all the students who aspire to be the part of BLDE family. Though the university is in its infantile stage, established in 2008, is heading towards excellency in the academic field. The university is progressing at a fast pace with a vision to be the global leader in health care and medical education.

The well-conceptualized motto of the university ‘Inspiring Generations’, is true to the essence of the needs of the ‘GENNEXT’ students of the digital era.

We at the university intend to intensify our endeavors to create a conducive ambiance for our faculty, students, and staff to actualize their potential. The university intends to pursue a multi-stakeholder consultation approach, in which students, their parents, teachers and staff, employers, and alumni play a meaningful role.

I urge everyone to join us in fostering a healthy, peaceful, and engrossing atmosphere at the university campuses. We invite students and faculty to join us in our journey of making the university the best place to learn and work.

With Best Wishes,

Prof. Dr. Arun C Inamadar MD, FRCP, MPM Cx (IIM Ahmedabad),
Pro Vice-Chancellor, BLDE (Deemed to be University), Vijayapura


ಜ್ಞಾನಜ್ಯೋತಿಯ ಉದಯ ಭಾನುಕೋಟಿಯ ಮೀರಿ, ಸ್ವಾನುಭವದ ಉದಯ ಜ್ಞಾನ ಶೂನ್ಯದಲಡಗಿದ ಘನವನೇನೆಂಬೆ ಗುಹೇಶ್ವರಾ!


Birth of radiant knowledge which is beyond the light emitted by the amalgamation of hundreds of ‘sun’, the know-how of self-realization hidden within the ‘ Shoonya’ [void, emptiness or space] What do you call that preeminence? A thing of exceptional merit or virtue Oh Guheshwara!

Knowledge of self-realization and radiant knowledge [Gyan] are the only things of exceptional merit that make anyone big (Ghana).

– Allamprabhu