Biomedical and Behavioral Research in animals provide important information. In order to carry out this type of research animal facilities must be available in the university.

The animal facilities are established as per the CPCSEA Guidelines. The mail goal of these guidelines to promote the human care of animals used in biomedical and behavioral research and testing with the basic objectives of providing specifications that will enhance animal well being, quality in the persuit of advancement of biological knowledge that is relevant to humans and animals.

  • Year Of Establishment-1999
  • Approval/Renewal-2018
  • Total Number Of Meetings After Reconstitution- 4


  1. An evaluation of role of Vit D in the pathophysiology Streptozotocin induced type 2 DM in rats and its impact on oral hypoglycemic/antidiabetic agents
  2. Comparison of effect of high protein diet (millet + chicken egg) Vs high protein diet + Vit D + Ginkobiloba Extract in reducing Hb1Ac levels in diabetic rats.
  3. Cardiac mi RNA signature in low oxygen micro environment: role of cilnidipine a dual L/N type calcium channel in rats.
  4. Comparison of wound healing and glucose lowering properties of Hibiscus Sabdariffa vs anethum graveolens in STZ induced diabetic rats.
  5. Therapeutic effect emblica offcianilis. In enhancing endothelial nitric oxide synthatase(eNOS) AND preventing eNOS coupling in rats.