The BLDE (Deemed to be University) Central Research Laboratory (CRL) in medical college is built to provide teaching staff, researchers and graduate students with easy access to high-end research instruments. For the further development of modern medicine, it is indispensable to be fully equipped with advanced technologies such as medical, analytical and information devices, and to utilise them systematically.

The CRL is established in 2014 in Smt. Bangaramma Sajjan campus with the financial support from BLDE (Deemed to be University). The primary purpose of the CRL is to support research activities of the faculty, PhD scholars, PG students and UG students by providing technical assistance and access to advanced and high-end scientific instruments. The secondary purpose of CRL is also to organise training programs and workshops/seminars for staff and research scholars in the focused areas of research. The CRL with 1500 Sq. ft. area provides sufficient space for multidisciplinary research. Our Honorable President Dr. M. B. Patil and Honorable Vice-Chancellor  Dr. R. S. Mudhol are very kind enough to encourage the research activities in the university.

BLDE (Deemed to be University) Central Research Laboratory is equipped with,