BLDE (Deemed to be University) Center of Excellence (CoE) is a team, a shared facility or an entity that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for a focus area.

We have envisioned the dream of making ‘Department of Dermatology’ as BLDE (Deemed to be University) Center of excellence in learning, patient care and research center at state, national and International level.


  • We aspire to be nationally recognised leaders in Dermatology and Cutaneous Sciences to the benefit of individuals and communities in Bijapur and beyond through the BLDE (Deemed to be University) Center of Excellence in Dermatology.
  • BLDE (Deemed to be University) Center of Excellence in Dermatology is established and envisioned to grow as number one in this part of Karnataka by 2020.


  • Our Department’s mission is sustained leadership in,
    • Patient care
    • In clinical research, and
    • In training the next generation of exceptional clinicians and researchers of our speciality in an environment that fosters creativity, diversity, inclusiveness, and synergy.
  • Our faculty is committed to the highest level of clinical research in dermatologic science while adhering to the highest ethical standard.
  • We are committed to provide comprehensive and unparallel dermatologic care.

The above said goal is achievable by establishing various sub-specialties of dermatology like – pediatric dermatology, critical care unit, dermatoscopy unit, contact dermatitis clinic, autoimmune disease clinic, STDs clinic, aesthetic clinic with all laser techniques, state of art Dermato –therapeutic unit (eg , Biologic therapy), photo-therapy unit and immuno-fluorescence microscopy set up with state of art infrastructure and equipment.

We have almost reached the goal with funding from BLDE (Deemed to be University) and VGST grant except the last one (immunofluorescence microscopy set up).


Goals achieved so far

Pediatric Dermatology: Strength of BLDE (Deemed to be University) Center of Excellence is pediatric dermatology, we have published books, monograms and even started one-year ‘Fellowship programme in Pediatric Dermatology’, second only to RGUHS, Bengaluru in India.

Critical Care Unit: The concept of emergency dermatology / acute skin failure in India is propagated by our department. We have first of its kind ‘Dermatology Intensive Care Unit’ (DICU) in India, and we have one book published on “critical Care in Dermatology”, DICU has helped to give state of the art treatment to emergencies in Dermatology.

Aesthetic clinic with all Laser Techniques: One of the fastest growing sub- specialties in dermatology is ‘Aesthetic Dermatology”. Funding from VGST and BLDE (Deemed to be University) has made us procure the best US FDA approved laser units and Excimer lamp for better care of patients, and PG residents are utilising them for their research/thesis work.

Contact Dermatitis clinic and Dermatoscopy units help as investigative tools in various dermatological diseases and as resource equipment for thesis works of residents in the department.

BLDE (Deemed to be University) Center of Excellence has enabled us to be in the forefront of giving best advanced medical dermatology therapy/phototherapy units to patients; we cater to the needs of northern districts of Karnataka and also part of adjoining Maharashtra state.

Our innovative photographic Museum of History of Dermatology is unique.

Our dream to establish ‘Immuno-fluorescence Microscopy set up’ with state of the art infrastructure and equipment is on the anvil. BLDE (Deemed to be University) Center of Excellence would be first of its kind in the whole of North Karnataka. We have the infrastructure ready …. It shall increase the research output, patient care and outreach to other parts of Karnataka.

Students and teachers are able to get a broader perspective on their current issues, which can lead to more creative and practical solutions. The combination of our whole mindset and expertise with local prowess means stakeholders get the best of both worlds – global insight translated into practical action.

Following benefits are expected from the CoE

  1. The provision of both medical and nonmedical solutions to patients’ problems.
  2. The objective assessment of different treatment modalities to determine their benefits.
  3. Efficient use of resources.
  4. A competitively priced product that can be utilised for patients.
  5. A high level of patient satisfaction.
  6. Quality research output as a byproduct of better patient care and teaching.