Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of B L D E University’s Shri. B M.Patil Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Vijayapur informally started in year 2004 with organizing of first Alumni meet of 1990 batch.

It is Registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 under district registrar of societies wide noSOR/645/DRCS-524/08-09 dated 04/02/09 with its own Bye Laws.

As college has completed Thirty three Golden life years, since its establishment in 1986, a sincere attempt has been made to enroll all the students since inception, who have completed graduation or post graduation and or both from this institute (Total no of registered alumni: 1672) in this alumni association.

It is a mega alumni association, as the alumni of Shri. B. M.Patil Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Vijayapur has grown big and has spread all over the world. The alumni are  proud of the B L D E Association as it has celebrated its centenary celebrations in September 2010. It is privilege to mention that 92 alumni are serving this institute in various capacities.

Institution has provided space for alumni association office within the campus. Facilities such as accommodation at NRI Guest House are provided to members of alumni association by the college.

Alumni are privileged to utilize library facilities free of cost.


Aims and Objective of the Association:
  • To promote interaction among members and to serve as a link between the members of The Alumni Association of Shri.B.M.Patil Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Vijayapurand their Alma Mater.
  • To provide any type of assistance to the members of The Alumni Association.
  • To organize Welfare Services for its members, students and humanity at large.
  • To conduct academic activities and to award prizes for excellence in work done in academic and social sector.
  • To publish or assist in the publication of newsletter, books and or journals by members of The Alumni Association.
  • To mobilize and generate resources to carry out the objectives of the Association, by way of accepting donations and gifts of both movable and immovable assets.
  • To encourage formation of Chapters of the Alumni Association in other places and countries.
  • Any other objective that the Executive Committee and General Body may deem fit from time to time in the interest of The Alumni Association.
  • All the income, movable or immovable assests of the Association shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objectives.
  • No member of the Association shall have any personal claim on movable or immovable assets of the association.
  • It shall extend all possible help to the parent institute.

The following Faculty Members are elected as

Dr Aravind Patil
Dr.Rajesh Honnutagi
Vice President
Dr.Udaykumar. Nuchhi
Dr.Lata Mullur
Dr.Rekha Udgiri