IPR Cell of BLDE (Deemed to be University) was established to take care of the activities related to patent filing and evaluation, copyrights, design and other intellectual property rights.


 Intellectual Property refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literature and artistic works.
 Intellectual Property Rights include: Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Industrial Design,
 Integrated Circuit Layout, Geographical Indicators, and Trade Secrets.


 To conduct Faculty development programmes on IPR for faculty members
 To create an awareness about IPR among students.
 To conduct workshops and seminars on IPR.
 To educate faculty about the procedure of patent filing.

IPR Cell to conducts seminars and workshops for the faculty and students to enhance research and patenting culture at BLDE (Deemed to be University).

Activity Conducted:


Faculty Development Programme  on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) 

Date: 08th February 2020, 9.30am onwards Venue: Medical Education Hall, 2nd Floor, Hospital Building,

I P R Policy :
BLDE (Deemed to be University) makes every possible effort to encourage and support its faculty and students in securing commercial development of intellectual property resulting from their research work.
Plans of IPR Cell:
  • Workshop on Awareness of IPR & Patents.
  • Workshop on IPR
  • Workshop on Patent filing in India
  • Workshop on IPR for Students and Faculty members
The IPR Cell consists of the following members:
List of Patents filed/Published:
 Title of the patentName of the Inventor
1.Novel Embalming Machine (Utility)Dr. G. A. Hadimani, Dr. I. B. Bagoji, Dr. R S Bulagouda, Dr.Kusal Das, Dr. Aravind Patil, Laxman
2.A Novel foldable artificial leg (Utility)Dr. I. B. Bagoji, Kanhu Charan, Dr. Girish Kodnapur
3.Pharmaceutical Formulations of Electro-Responsive Smart Hydrogel for Transdermal Drug DeliveryDr. Krishnamacharya G Akamanchi Dr. Kusal K. Das
4.Pharmaceutical Composition of Electrically-Sensitive Polyacrylamide Grafted Gum Tragacanth Copolymer for Electro-Modulated Transdermal Drug DeliveryDr. Krishnamacharya G Akamanchi Dr. Mallangouda S Biradar Dr. Kusal K. Das

Dr. Tejaswini Vallabha

Professor & HOD of Surgery
5.Preparation of supported cadmium and its application for analysis of nitrate in various matricesSatish G Patil, Krishnacharya Akamanchi
6.Embalming Machine(Design)Dr. I. B. Bagoji, Dr. G. A. Hadimani, Dr. R S Bulagouda, Dr.Kusal Das, Dr. S V Patil, Laxman
7.Foldable artificial limb (Design)Dr. I. B. Bagoji, Kanhu Charan, Dr. Girish Kodnapur
8.Enzyme Mediated Cell Disruption Based Efficient Extraction of Campothecin From Nathapoetida Nimmoniana PlantKrishnacharya Akamanchi