Our institution with 35 years of impactful existence with core priorities of quality education and health care has come a long way since inception, with the following distinctive features raising the institutional standing:

    • Disability Rehabilitation Centre recognized by the Government of Karnataka(GoK) and honoured for its commendable services
    • Geriatric Clinic providing holistic care to elderly, recognized by the state-level award
    • Embracing current technology with ‘Real-time QR-Codes make Real Difference’
    • Advanced Simulation and Skill Laboratory for effective teaching-learning
    • Superspeciality hospital rendering quality services
    • Centre for Yoga and Exercise Science in collaboration with Morarji Desai Institute of Yoga, Ministry of AYUSH, GoI
    • Centre for Ideation, Incubation, and Innovation recognized by NAIN, GoK
    • Student Support and Welfare: Fee concession to the tune of 6.8 crores to the meritorious students of Vijayapura

One of the distinctive features Disability Rehabilitation: Embrace, Equip, Empower, Enrich has been explained.


The number of persons with disabilities (PWD) is dramatically rising due to an alarming surge in road traffic accidents that significantly affect the productive age group rendering them disabled and dependable for life. Though eradication/elimination of polio was a significant milestone in public health, those with its disabling sequel continue to live in poor health, poverty, and social isolation. Post-surgical deformities are also the cause of disability.

Provision of rehabilitative services to PWD is sparse, their health needs rarely prioritized, and low affordability means their continued exclusion from society and lifelong dependence. The increasing prevalence of PWD calls for training and teaching students to build a workforce of health professionals to cater to their special needs.

Hence, there was a felt need to provide holistic care to PWD to make them self-reliable and employable.

To ensure inclusiveness, equality and, to empower PWD, Disability and Rehabilitation Centre was established by Shri B. M.Patil Medical College, Hospital, and Research Centre in 1992, a period when the concept of establishing such a center was still evolving.

    • Undertake clinical assessment and provide rehabilitation services to PWD
    • To provide therapeutic services in BLDE Medical College, Hospital
    • Create awareness, survey, and identify PWD for early intervention and counseling
    • Facilitate issue of disability certificates
    • Training and teaching students regarding health challenges, healthcare needs of PWD and rehabilitative services
    • Our centre is dedicated to providing holistic care to people with range of disabilities through specialized care like Orthopaedics,ENT,Ophthalmology,Paediatrics,Psychiatry,Physiotherapy.The team is dedicated to identification, clinical assessment,classification, intervention,provision/fitment,follow-up and repair of assistive devices. Therapeutic services like corrective surgeries, physiotherapy are rendered.
    • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre is a separate well equipped facility providing quality physiotherapy and rehabilitation services extending to home to conditions like post-stroke,traumaticinjuries,paralytic and neuromuscular diseases,joint conditions.
    • Artificial Limb Centre (ALC): Disability and Rehabilitation Centre embarked in our institute in an era of post-polio residual paralysis, when there was a considerable need for polio callipers, and lack of quality material. Hence, our ownALC was established to make ingenious and cost-effective aids/appliances using local resources. Lightweight,durable,and comfortable prosthetic/orthotics have been developed in our ALC.Special MCR footwear, Plastazote insoles tailored to needs of diabetic foot patients are made.It has achieved making customized corrective splints for children with foot deformities.Provides services like gait training, fitting, repair and replacement of assistive devices.ALC has been continuously innovating to cater to the needs of PWD to near perfection.
    • Free distribution of Aids and Appliances like ALC, motorized cycle, tricycle, wheel-chair, MR kit, and hearing aids to the beneficiaries.
    • Facilitates issue of certificates including bus passes and other concessions/facilities.
    • Training Students: Students from Orthopaedics, ENTOphthalmology, and pediatrics are posted to the rehabilitation centre to foster compassion, empathy, and train them to identify, treat, and rehabilitate PWD. ‘Disability Assessment in Orthopedic Patients’, a value-added course to orthopaedic postgraduate students started in 2019.
    1. Extension and Outreach: Rural and urban areas of Vijayapura are reached out through frequent camps for awareness, identification and enrolment of PWD, assessment, classification, intervention,provision/fitment,follow-up, and repair of assistive devices, therapeutic services like corrective surgeries, physiotherapy. People with the disabling sequel of leprosy who rarely seek medical care due to the attached social stigma are reached out by conducting camps at their doorstep.
    2. MoU with Inclusive School: Children are supreme assets of the Nation. To help children with disabilities to attain their full potential, BLDE(DU)has an MoU with BLDEA’s English Medium, Inclusive Pre-Primary and Primary School, Vijayapura
    3. Providing access to quality education to PWD, concession in admission fees to Allied Health Sciences by BLDE(DU).
    4. PRERANA: BLDE(DU) has an agreement with the Association of People with Disabilities to set up project PRERANA. PRERANA aims at disseminating knowledge for the promotion of disability inclusion.

Approached governmental/Non-governmental organizations like Rotary Club and Inner Wheel, Disabled and Senior Citizen Rehabilitation Dept, Bangalore NTPC, Kudagi, for fund procurement to meet the financial challenges.

    • When the centre embarked in our institute, the concept of disability rehabilitation was poor and far from needy due to poverty, illiteracy, social stigma and superstitions. The biggest challenge was to change the mind-set. Our team went door to door, conducted awareness camps, and procured government and NGOs’ funds to make services accessible and affordable.
    • 115 camps organized, 20,000 patients impacted in last 5 years.
    • Distribution of Aids/Appliances: Aids/appliances are distributed impacting several PWD, making them self-reliable, restoring dignity and inclusion.

Aids/Appliances distributed during the last six years

595 Aids/appliance437 ALC63 motorized cycles
38 tricycles27 MR kits30 wheelchairs
    • Recognitions: Recognizing the pioneering work in Disability Rehabilitation by BLDE(DU), GoK proposed to establish District Disability Rehabilitation Center(DDRC) for Vijayapura at our institute in 2013.
    • Awards/Honors: GoK conferred the ‘Best Serving Institution’ award in 2018 for the exemplary services of DDRC, BLDE(DU).

ALC has been continuously innovating carving the path for two patents.

1. Utility patent entitled ‘a novel foldable artificial leg’2. Design patent entitled ‘foldable artificial limb’