Anaesthesia 01-07.2020 Dr. Nirmaladevi Anesthesia RESPIRATORY OBSTRUCTION AND AIRWAY MANAGEMANT IN UNCONCIOUS PATIENTS View/Download 02.07.2020 Anesthesia Dr. Vijay Katti Muslce relaxants and reversal agents View/Download 02-09-2020 Anesthesia Dr. Vijay Katti BASIC AIRWAY MANAGEMENT View/Download 03.07.2020 Anesthesia Dr. Shivanand L K 2.Induction and inhalation agents.ppt UG View/Download 03.08.2020 Anesthesia Dr. Santosh A final View/Download 04-11-2020 4 - 5 PM Anesthesia Dr. Rahul CHALEKAR. MONITORING DURING ANAESTHESIA View/Download 06.07.2020 Anesthesia Dr. D G Talikoti intravenous anaesthetic agents View/Download 07.10.2020 Anesthesia Dr. Basavaraj Patil la appi-1 View/Download 08.07.2020 Anesthesia Dr. Pratibha S D local for class View/Download 09.09.2020 Anesthesia Dr. Vijaykumar T K OXYGEN [...]