Yoga is one of the greatest gifts to the world by Indians for healthy living. Yoga or yogasana is  considered an art and science of healthy living by our ancient gurus. It is a method to bring the harmony of body and mind for general well-being. Keeping its various advantages and having proven evidence in improving health, efficiency, and managing stress-related problems, we decided to start the Yoga centre at BLDE. We started the Yoga centre in the year 2000, which was renamed as “Centre for Yoga and Exercise Science” in 2020. The Centre is focused on the role of Yoga in the promotion of health and prevention and management of diseases like hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease among several others like Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, COPD.

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To provide yoga awareness to the public to improve health and Yoga Therapy to the patients who are suffering from various kinds of disorders along with all modern facilities of treatment available in the hospital. Also, to train faculty, students, and the community for understanding the scientific basis of Yoga and practice various yoga asanas effectively and accurately for a better life.


  • To correlate between yoga and modern medicine as well as to enhance knowledge of Indian traditional holistic mind-body medicine.
  • To train the medical students, faculty, and general population on the importance of mind-body therapy and its clinical benefits.
  • To enhance research including collaborative research in the field of yoga and to spread the value-based knowledge of the therapeutic potential of yoga.
  • To spread the potentialities of yoga and the contributions of yoga to healthy living.
  • To provide quality yoga therapy for the faculty and patients of the institution
  • To standardize yoga techniques and procedures followed for different health conditions.
  • To organize seminars, workshops, symposia, and conferences on yoga
  • To create public awareness through camps on the beneficial effect of yoga practice