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LVPM Visitors (2017-2018)

Distinguished Visitors – 2018

  • Dr.P.S.Ganesh, (Postdoctoral fellow)North West University, Mmabatho, South Africa, (January 23,2018).
  • Dr.Shrikanth Gadad,PhD; Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University of Health Sciences, El Paso, TX ( March 21 -22,2018).
  • Dr.P.N.Murthy, D.Sc,- Dean, Royal College of Pharmacy asnd Health Sciences, Berhampur, Odisha-760001( April 12, 2018).
  • Prof.T.R.Raju,FASc, ICMR Dr.A.S.Paintal Distinguished Scientist, NIMHANS, Bengalury on June 5, 2018.
  • Dr.Shashi Bala Singh,D.Sc;FNASc, Director General (Life Sciences), DRDO, New Delhi on June 6, 2018.

Seminars (2017 – 2018)

Prof.Kusal Das, Member of International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) acted as International Advisory Member for ICMR Physiology Education Workshop at AIIMS, Jodhpur; NEIGRIMS, Shillong & GMC, Kozhikode ( November 3 – 18, 2018).

Seminar (2015-2016)

i. Annual Conference of Association of Physiologists of India ( Sep 14-17 2016) at BLDE (Deemed to be University), Vijayapura , Karnataka

ii. Research Grants Workshop at BLDE (Deemed to be University), Vijayapura Date; 30-31 May 2016

iii. International CME on Physiology Education Date 14 & 15 December 2015 at BLDE (Deemed to be University), Vijayapura, Karnataka

Distinguished Visitors – 2017

  • Mr.Jeffry Jcobs -MERK, Switzerland, (January 24, 2017).
  • Ms.Ceona -MERK, Switzerland, (January 24, 2017).
  • Dr.M.B.Patil,D.Sc, President, BLDE (Deemed to be University),Vijayapur(April 25 & 29,2017).
  • Dr.Debprasad Chattopadhyay, Director, ICMR National Institute of Traditional, Medicine, Belagavi (July 25,2017).
  • Prof.M.A.Rabinal-Karnatak University, Dharwad (July 10,2017).
  • Dr.Ramesh Chaudary, Texus Tech, University,USA (June-July, 2017).
  • Prof. Kuldeep Singh Dhindsa, UGC Nominee to BLDE (Deemed to be University) (Aug 5,2017),University, Belagavi (Aug 5, 2017)
  • Dr.R.S.Mudhol, Medical Director, KLE University,Belagavi (Aug 5,2017).
  • Dr.S.C.Parija, Director, JIPMER, Puducheery (Sep 16,2017).
  • Prof.D.S.A. Majid, Tulane University,USA (December 4 -17, 2017).
  • Prof.Gustavo Zubieta- Calleja, IPPA, Bolivia (December 8-12, 2017).
  • Prof.Thuppil Venkatesh, INSLAR (December 9-12, 2017).
  • Dr.Veerendra Chadachan, National University of Singapore (December 11, 2017).

LVPM NEWS (2017 – 2018)

Prof.DSA Majid with Prof.Kusal Das and Prof.Gustavo Zubieta-Calleja

Prof.Dewan S.A.Majid,MD;PhD, Professor o9f Physiology and Director,Mouse Phenotype Core,THRCE, Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA 70112 visited BLDE (Deemed to be University), Vijayapur from December 4 to 17, 2017 as a Visiting Professor of Medicine, BLDE (Deemed to be University). During his visit he took lecture classes for MBBS, MD/MS/MCh and PhD students of the University. Professor Majid also interacted with faculty members of various departments, Pharmacy College, Nursing College. He has also attended Editorial Board meeting of BLDE (Deemed to be University) Journal of Health Sciences . Beside these activities Professor Majid was engaged in PhD Viva Voce examination of physiology under BLDE (Deemed to be University). He was actively involved in experimental research work on cerebral hypoxia model in Electrophysiology unit of Vascular laboratory along with PhD scholars and postdoctoral students.

Professor Luis Gabriel Navar, Professor & Chair, Department of Physiology,Tulane University School of Medicine, USA also delivered his lecture through video recording system. His talk on “Regulation of Renal Hemodynamics” was well appreciated by the medical students and resaerch scholars of BLDE (Deemed to be University).

Prof.Dewan S.A.Majid and Prof.Gustavo Zubieta Calleja are with BLDE (Deemed to be University) Ph.D Students and supervisors. 

Prof.Gustavo Zubieta-Calleja,MD, Director Professor at High Altitude Pulmonary & Pathology Institute (IPPA), La Paz, Bolivia visited Laboratory of Vascular Physiology & Medicine from December 8 to 12, 2017. He had worked with Vascular Scientists of the laboratory on cerebral ischemia model of rats. He also worked on vitamin E assay ( Das KK et al 2012) in the laboratory besides worked on Hif-1 alpha and VEGF expression in serum on hypoxic rats treated with metals.

R.Chandramouli Reddy, Jr.Research Scientist, LVPM was invited by Vascular Medicine & Hypertension Laboratory, Department of Medicine, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, National University of Singapore to visit, work and interact with their faculty for 2 weeks. He will be visiting there from December 26, 2017 to January 8, 2018. Dr.Veerendra Chadachan, MD;MRCP,FAMS was his mentor & host at NUS.

Distinguished Visitors – 2016

  • Thuppil Venkatesh- St.Johns Medical College,Bangalore
  • Sandhya Avadhani- Dean, Faculty of Medicine, RGUHS, Bangalore
  • Mahdi Abbas- King George Medical College, Lucknow,
  • Giridhar Gyani- Director General, Association of Health Care Providers, New Delhi
  • Manoj K.Chakraborti- ICMR Emeritus Scientist, NICED, Kolkata
  • Sikha Saha- University of Leeds, UK
  • Simal Saha- Leeds, UK
  • Gustavo Zubieta Calleja – IIPA, La Paz, Bolivia
  • Lucrecia Zubieta- Diplomate, Bolivia
  • Dhruv Kumar- Post-Doc-Kansas State University, USA
  • G.K.Pal- Registrar (Academics), JIPMER
  • M.Fahim- V.P.Chest Institute, Delhi
  • Saumyadipta Pyne- IIPH, Hyderabad
  • Kinsuk K.Maitra- Georgia State University, USA
  • Bindu Kutty- NIMHANS, Bangalore
  • B.S.Shankarnarayan Rao-NIMHANS, Bangalore
  • Prakash.Doddapattar- University of Iowa, USA
  • D.Venkatesh- M.S.Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore

International Visit:

    • Kusal K.Das, Professor of Physiology, BLDE (Deemed to be University) and M.S.Biradar, Vice Chancellor, BLDE (Deemed to be University) visited Hypertension & Renal Centre of Excellence at Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, USA from February 2, 2017 to February 17, 2017. Both the Professor of BLDE (Deemed to be University), Vijayapura, India delivered invited to lecture at Tulane University, USA.Kusal K.Das & M.S.Biradar were honored by Tulane University, the USA as Visiting Professors of the University.
    • Kusal K.Das has visited National University of Singapore on invitation from Dr.Dujeepa Samarasekera- Director, Centre of Medical Education, NUS, Singapore on March 29, 2018. Prof.Das was also invited by Committee on Publication Ethics, London to attend ISMTE 2018-Singapore on March 28, 2018. Prof.Das was also invited to discuss and interact with Fcaulty members of Department of Medicine- Vascular Medicine Laboratory at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, NUS, Singapore on March 29-30, 2018.
    • Prof.Kusal Das and Dr.M.S.Biradar have visited Yerevan and Garni , Republic of Armenia from August 3 – 9, 2018. Prof.M.S.Biradar, Honorable Vice Chancellor Dr.M.S.Biradar signed the agreement between UNESCO/UNITWIN Program under UNESCO-Chair (Life Sciences) for PhD training under UNESCO for Biophysics, Biotechnology and Environmental Health. Prof.Kusal Das has been recognized as PhD mentor to train scholars in biophysics and environmental health research at LVPM.

Prof.Sinerik Ayrapetyan, UNESCO – Chair (Life Sciences) with Prof.Kusal Das at Garni, Armenia