1. LSRB, DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Government of India (2014- 2017).Title: “Influence of antioxidant vitamin (L-ascorbic acid) on hypoxia-induced alteration of VEGF gene expression in male diabetic rats with or without exposure to heavy metal nickel”. Fund Rs. 27,40,600/-(Vide Sanction letter: No O/o CC R&D(TM)/81/48222/LSRB-XXIX-Meeting/2014 06th August 2014)

  2. VGST-K FIST (Level 2), (DST, Government of Karnataka (2016-2019). “Effect of L-ascorbic acid and calcium channel blocker on hypoxia exposed possible alteration of cell signaling pathways in respiratory system of male rats with or without heavy metal lead exposure” (VGST-KFIST/1230/2015 Dated 22/6/2016.(Rs.40,00,000/-)

  3. BLDE (Deemed to be University) Research Grants