BLDE University Vascular Lab

Prof.L.Lee Hamm, Sr.Vice President & Dean of Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans,USA and Prof.M.S.Biradar, Vice Chancellor of BLDE (Deemed to be University), Vijayapura,India exchanges greetings after signing MoU between the universities on February 9, 2017 at New Orleans, USA. Prof.Luis Gabriel Navar Professor & Chair; Department of Physiology & Director Hypertension & Renal Centre of Excellence, Tulane University, USA, Prof. Dewan S.A. Majid, Professor of Physiology, Tulane University School of Medicine, Prof. Kusal K. Das, Professor of Physiology, BLDE (Deemed to be University), India and Dr. Mrs. Swastika Das, Professor & Head, Department of Chemistry, BLDE Association’s College of Engineering & Technology, Vijayapura are also seen in the photo.

BLDE University Vascular Lab

Prof.M.S.Biradar, Vice Chancellor of BLDE (Deemed to be University), Vijayapura, has signed an Agreement with UNESCO/UNITWIN program on behalf of BLDE (Deemed to be University) in Biophysics, Biotechnology & Environmental Health under UNESCO Chair (Life Sciences) in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia on August 4, 2018. Prof.Kusal Das was also invited by UNESCO/UNITWIN program. This is as part of UNESCO International Network for PhD Education and Research.


Department of Physiology, Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, USA with Prof.L. Gabriel Navar & Prof. D.S.A. Majid (2016 -2019) on “Hypoxia, metal exposure and cell signaling pathways: Evaluation of cardiovascular remodeling and renal hemodynamics in male albino rats treated with ascorbate and calcium channel blocker”. An MoU between two university had already done.


Division of Cardiovascular Medicine & Diabetic Research, School of Medicine, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK [2014- 2016] with Dr. Sikha Saha on “Hypoxia, antioxidants and Nickel: Molecular interactions and cell signaling pathways.


High Altitude Pulmonary and Pathology Institute & Zubieta University, La Paz, Bolivia for 3 years (2017-2020) with Prof.Gustavo Zubieta – Calleja on “Hypoxia and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE)”


Indian Institute of Public Health, Hyderabad with Prof. S. Pyne on Women and Children issues & Environmental Health from 19/5/2016 for 5 years on Public Health Foundation of India support.

Dept.of Physiology, Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu Dr.Sathya Subramani, Professor & Head, Dept.of Physiology.